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Zebronics Zeb-K20 Wired USB Desktop Keyboard (Black)

Zeb-K20 is a standard wired USB keyboard with 104 keys . This keyboard comes with a retractable stand with a dedicated rupee key.

Zebronics ZEB-K35 Wired USB Desktop Keyboard (Black)

ZEB-K35 is a USB keyboard that comes in a slim design. It has 106 keys that are UV coated, comfortable, and tactile. It is a spill-proof keyboard with a rupee key along with an easy plug and play installation.

Zebronics ZEB-K25, Wired USB Desktop Keyboard (Black)

ZEB-K25 is a standard USB keyboard with 105 keys. It has a silent switch tactile feeling and comes with a

Zebronics COMPANION-107 Wireless Laptop Keyboard (Black)

Companion 107 is a wireless keyboard and mouse combo that comes with a nano receiver built for home/office use. The keyboard features 104 keys inclusive of a rupee key. It has a low battery LED indication,and a power-saving mode. The mouse that tags in this combo is ergonomically designed and super compact. It is a high precision mouse with 1200 DPI, and three buttons.

Zebronics ZEB-DLK01 Multimedia Wired USB Multi-device Keyboard (Black)

This Zebronics Zeb-DLK01 USB Multimedia Keyboard will ensure optimum control and lasting performance. It has 12 integrated hotkeys for quick and convenient operation. The USB cable comes with 1.8m cable that provides ease of movement. Besides, the keys are UV coated which makes it last longe

Zebronics Gaming Multimedia USB Keyboard & USB Mouse Combo -Transformer

Meet our heavy duty keyboard & mouse combo "ZEB-TRANSFORMER". This combo consists of a Windows key enable/disable feature that is provided to improve your gaming experience. ZEB-Transformer transforms your gaming ambience with different LED effects.

Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-M Optical USB Gaming Mouse with LED Effect(Black)

Zeb-Transformer-M is a premium gaming mouse that comes with 6 buttons. It has a high precision optical sensor with a dedicated DPI switch that can toggle between 1000/1600/ 2400/ 3200 DPI. The mouse has 7 breathable LED modes, a sturdy 1.8-meter braided cable, and comes with a high-quality USB connector.

Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-k USB Gaming Keyboard with Multicolor LED Effect

Zeb-Transformer-K is a premium gaming keyboard with a complete aluminum frame with laser keycaps. The keyboard comes with 104 keys along with multimedia controls. It also has multi-colored LED modes and is backlit along with a superior quality cable and a high-quality USB connector.

Zebronics Zeb-War Gaming USB Keyboard and Mouse Combo(Black)

Brand: Zebronics Color: black Features: Zeb-War is a Gaming USB Keyboard And Mouse Combo with Multi Color LED Keyboard Includes

Zebronics Zeb Feather – Premium USB Gaming Mouse with 6 Buttons, Upto 3200 DPI and Anti Slip Mouse Pad

ZEB-Feather is a USB mouse that comes coupled with a mousepad. It has 6 buttons and has a rubber coating for a perfect grip. It is a high precision mouse that comes with a DPI speed select button (1000-1600-2200-3000 DPI)and comes with an easy plug and play installation. The mousepad has a consistent surface texture for optimal accuracy and has an anti slip bottom.

Zebronics Zeb-Ultimate Pro (Full HD) Web Camera with 5P Lens,Built-in Microphone

ZEB-Ultimate Pro is a full HD web camera with a high-quality 5P lens with a resolution of 1920x 1080. The web camera comes with a built-in microphone, an auto white balance, night vision feature, and a manual switch for LED.

Zebronics Zeb-Crisp Pro Web Camera (HD) with 5P Lens,Built-in Microphone,Auto White Vision,Night Vision

Brand: Zebronics Color: Black Features: ZEB-Crisp Pro is a HD web camera with a 5P lens with a resolution of